Rėmo krepšys APIDURA + BOMBTRACK Frame Pack

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The Bombtrack x Apidura Frame Pack is a versatile piece of kit that could easily stay on your child’s bike full time, carrying bikepacking kit and toys or providing a convenient space to store trail finds. The Pack is designed for children’s frame geometries and constructed from a lightweight, all-weather laminate that’s tough enough to avoid the tears and scuffs of off-road riding. It’s also suited for storing heavier items, lowering the bike’s centre of gravity and allowing for more natural handling. Inside, the Pack is divided into two compartments. The larger compartment has plenty of space for bulkier items such as clothing or a packed lunch. In contrast, the smaller pocket is useful for flat items such as journals. We’ve also installed a battery lead and hose port for charging electronic devices or drinking on the go.

While the body fabric of this Pack is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the product, there is the possibility for water to enter through the seams when exposed to sustained rain. We recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry.


  • Protected battery/hydration hose port.
  • Reflective graphics for increased visibility.
  • Carbon-friendly attachment with Hypalon-reinforced velcro straps.
  • Hard-wearing, all-weather Dimension Polyant VX21.
  • Volume: 2.4 L.
  • Dimensions: L1 = 31 cm / H1 = 7.5 cm / H2 = 15 cm / H3 = 5 cm / Width = 6 cm.
  • Weight: 135 g.


Volume (L)2.4

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Rėmo krepšys APIDURA + BOMBTRACK Frame Pack

Rėmo krepšys APIDURA + BOMBTRACK Frame Pack

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